Founded in 1965 and until now established on the same street in its own property with 2,200 m2 of constructed area, Engelopes has the following economic activities:


1) Manufacture and rental of specialized equipment for mechanical cleaning by water injection under high pressure and suction, inspection service by television micro-cameras in galleries, besides maintenance of public and private sites.


2) Manufacture of de-polluting equipment and accessories for air filtering and fire fighting in pipe networks..


3) Project and construction of metallic structures in compliance with the ABNT and AISC standards for: scissors, sheds, industrial buildings, arched sheds, etc.


4) Manufacture of garbage compactors in the building version approved by the urban cleaning companies of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

In all of our products and services we use the best national and imported components with aiming to obtain a high quality final product which will always have post-sales servicing available.





Rua Frei Jaboatão n.152 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil - Cep 21041-110 - Tel: ( 55 21) 3869-7460 - Fax: ( 55 21) 3869-7471